Professional Remodeler Magazine chooses Geno Benvenuti of Benvenuti and Stein as a judge for Best of the Best Design Awards . . .

Professional Remodelers Magazine October 2011

“2011 Design Awards-This Year’s Professional Remodeler Design Awards show a shift to more practical projects”

By Jonathan Sweet, Editor in Chief

We’ve seen the change over the last several years in the remodeling industry from the luxury projects of the boom to today’s more needs-based jobs.

This year’s Professional Remodeler Best of the Best Design Awards certainly reflects that shift, with the judges frequently citing the more practical tilt to the entries compared to past years.

“I think it’s indicative of what the economy’s doing, what people are doing to their homes,” said Bill Simone, CGR, president of Custom Design & Construction. “They definitely see a need to do some improvements to their homes. However, they’re not doing the improvements that they would have 3 or 4 years ago, that were much more over the top.”

(To see and hear more of the judges’ observations from the awards and tips on putting together a winning entry, visit our video page.)

This year, the team of judges (pictured at left, from left to right: Gino Benvenuti, Benvenuti & Stein; David Merrick, Merrick Design and Build; Dan Griffin, Griffin & Associates; and Bill Simone, Custom Design & Construction) from across the country recognized 38 projects with awards, including a Project of the Year by CG&S Design-Build of Austin, Texas, and three Platinum awards for especially outstanding projects. The judges spent two days in Chicago evaluating the entries.

The winners will be honored at an event at the Remodeling Show in Chicago. Look for coverage of that event here on