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Winnetka Kenilworth Living magazine recently featured Geno Benvenuti of Benvenuti and Stein and his story from the company’s beginnings to where it is now. Insights on the history of home remodeling on the North Shore and how his company has been able to meet the needs of discerning homeowners throughout the years are discussed at length and highlighted with photos of completed projects.

“It is evident that the American home is going through a transformative process as we realign our needs with the realities of modern life…”

Winnetka Kenilworth Living magazine

Winnetka Kenilworth Living magazine

“1981… was the beginning of the remodeling boom on the North Shore. Up until then it was common to move to get a larger, more comfortable home but the desire to stay in the neighborhood was strong. So homeowners began looking to improve their existing home’s  functionality and space….”

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“Then and now what I love about what I do is walking into a space (with a suggestion) and the client tells me they never thought of that. That’s perfect for me and that’s why I’m passionate about this work.”

Winnetka Kenilworth Living magazine

“Designing and building our own cabinetry…allows us to “stage”  the cabinet project with appliances fitted for our clients to view before it’s disassembled and goes into finishing. This greatly reduces the chance for error in a highly detailed, perfect fitting kitchen, library or any special space…”

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