Cabinet Staging for Designers til March 17

See the latest kitchen staging at our Evanston millwork shop before we break it down and send it through our in-house finishing process. This 19′ x 15′ kitchen will have an 8′ island and is part of a Benvenuti and Stein whole-house renovation in Winnetka.


Spatial Clarity– You and your client will experience how the millwork will look and feel before home installation.

Peace of Mind- Seeing the cabinetry pieces assembled with the appliances fitted in place confirms the accuracy of the project and being able to examine each handcrafted piece reinforces the value of the client’s project.

Creates Excitement- Being able to preview their custom project allows your client to envision the final product that will improve their lifestyle.

Cabinetry is on display through Monday, March 17th.

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P: kitchen elevation-

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

The staging tour for the above project will be available from 8:am – to 5:pm now through March 17th. 

For more information or to make an appointment, please call Jeff Herberholz 847-501-1364

or email, or call our Evanston office at 847-866-6868.