Northfield Kitchen Remodel

The homeowner’s goals of this Northfield kitchen remodel were very unique in that they wanted the design to revolve around achieving Mise en Place, which loosely translated means “everything in its place”. The second goal was to create a design that brought family and friends together through cooking, that the design would actually create more interaction to take place. They also wanted a kitchen that combined restaurant, audio and video elements that fostered creativity and growth with their cooking skills.

The kitchen remodel started as a modification to the existing cabinetry, but grew in scope to include a redesign of the entire kitchen. Every design went through the litmus test to achieve the homeowner’s unique goals. Reworking the mudroom entry allowed for a symmetrical and more utilitarian range wall, and created a new pocket for the “visual pantry” design. Read more about this Pantry Design-

Without adding square footage, the design had to focus on entertaining in the kitchen, while maintaining adequate room for a large kitchen table. There was also a strong desire to understand and test the ergonomics of the cooking line that would service this many people cooking at once. Everything was designed to be in reach and under 3 steps for all cooks, as if you were cooking in a restaurant kitchen. More unique designs revealed themselves through these studies, such as our unique recessed prep sink concept in the island that allowed a valuable 21 x 17 cooking space to still exist in the middle of the island, yet also have a sink that performed various cooking functions with precision.

The finished project is an incredibly detailed extension of their cooking methods and lifestyle. We needed to create an inviting sanctuary where the cooking process fostered interaction and creative cooking with family and friends. The visual pantry achieves these goals by having over 500 items on display, all in plain view.  Read more about “What Hot to Stock”

The elegant kitchen is appointed with white dove cabinetry with a striking wood hood with bands of polished nickel. The island countertop that appears to look like petrified wood seamlessly brings the kitchen into an inviting focus. The combining of old world and modern design was a unique challenge as well, and turned out beautifully with our ice box refrigeration concept marrying stainless steel with the icebox display cases with latches.

A study of ergonomics was paramount in our design as we strived to craft a beautiful kitchen that allowed everyone from grandmothers to children to participate in cooking. Finally the 77- inch television incorporated into the fireplace allowed for cooking classes to take place and a new way for the family to experience growth in their culinary skills. Read more about incorporating interactive classes and the Mise en Place Fireplace/TV

We designed the kitchen around several Sub-Zero/Wolf appliances, which were chosen for the client’s criteria to blend beauty, function and most importantly durability as this was a serious working kitchen. The refrigerators, freezers and tall wine tower were selected for the needed capacity for storage, organization and their ability to stand unadorned as a design element in the kitchen. The double wall oven, warming drawer, two microwaves and gas/grill cooktop were chosen also for their durability and function as they cook for 10 people on a regular basis.

The Northfield homeowner’s dream kitchen was realized by bringing family and friends together through cooking in an open yet intimate space. It truly was an amazing experience to stretch the boundaries and find new concepts in kitchen design by testing these unique principles the homeowner wanted to achieve. Cooking as a shared and interactive experience is at the heart of this remodeled space. The kitchen is multi-functional in so many ways in achieving Mise en Place, a respect for commercial practices in the home environment and fosters growth in the family’s cooking practices.

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