De-Construction-Good for Business and Environment

Choose de-construction over demolition on your next project and enjoy money saving benefits while helping others and the environment.
When heavy equipment is used to smash building materials, harmful particulate matter is released into the surrounding environment in the form of lead dust, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon monoxide.
Deconstruction reduces the need for extraction of raw materials for new construction, conserves the energy and natural resources used in the manufacturing of new building material, prevents environmental pollution by diverting waste, increases the longevity of landfills and it is a Job Creator.
Business benefits:
– Save money on disposal costs
– Clients will enjoy receiving a charitable donation tax benefit
РClients gain great satisfaction knowing their project helped support a local work force training program.
Benvenuti and Stein is an avid supporter of The Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse, an important, volunteer based organization which provides critical support to the local community. A vast array of home item donations can be picked up and they will even help with de-construction.
Please consider salvaging rather than discarding on your next project.
Evanston Rebuilding warehouse
Evanston Rebuilding Warehouse
Parts of this Winnetka home were de-constructed and donated prior to the new home construction by Benvenuti and Stein Design Build.
Winnetka Home By Benvenuti and Stein
Modern New Custom Home Replaced early 1900’s Structure
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