Building Custom Cabinetry in our Evanston Cabinet shop

Building custom cabinetry has been a hallmark of Benvenuti and Stein for over 35 years.

Handcrafted designs, custom finishes and expert installations are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

We design and build custom cabinetry in our Evanston cabinet shop for every room of the home. Our team of cabinet makers start with raw lumber and handcrafts beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that complement your home’s architectural style and enhance its decor.

We pay meticulous attention to detail in our 15,000 sq. ft. cabinet shop by using the finest materials and wood- working techniques, cutting each piece to our client’s individual requirements. Each item is also hand finished.

Custom Cabinetry is “Staged” Prior To Finishing

Custom Cabinetry Northfield

Northfield Kitchen Remodel

Benvenuti and Stein Building Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinetry Staging in our Evanston cabinet shop

Your kitchen is layout replicated to give the look and feel of how it will look in your home.

Custom cabinetry-Northfield Kitchen Remodel

Benvenuti and Stein Building Custom Cabinetry

Refrigerator fitted in place in our Evanston cabinet shop

Appliances are pre-ordered and fitted in place. This will ensure an exact fit during home installation. After customer approval, the layout is dismanteled and ready for the finishing process.

For a details regarding our design build process see Design Processes

Benvenuti and Stein Design Build services include: home additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, whole house remodeling, custom cabinetry, new home construction and other custom home services

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