2021 Chrysalis Award for Home Remodeling Excellence

A 2021 Chrysalis award for Home Remodeling Excellence was given to Benvenuti and Stein for their Glenview home renovation. Seventy companies from across the United States were named winners.  The entries were judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure. “We are grateful for this award and thank the judges for their hard work and participation.”

A vaulted ceiling and wall of windows breathes new life into the existing footprint and structure of this mid-century home- The story behind this great room.

The client wanted to add an addition to the back of the house to increase the size of what they were using as an office nook and family room. That portion of the original structure was once a porch that was enclosed under the same roof line as the dining and sitting area around the fireplace.  They did not want to add too big of an addition because the back yard was small. They had already had someone come out and propose an addition which we did not think was necessary to achieve their goals. We looked at the roof structure and felt we could dramatically change the space, give them the entertainment space and office space without adding on by taking advantage of the existing roof structure. By following the roof line and adding proper framing for insulation and a dramatic window wall, we transformed the room without taking any rear yard space

The wall separating the porch from the adjacent living/dining room was removed. By following the roof line, adding proper framing for insulation and a dramatic window wall, the separate rooms were transformed into an airy multifunctional space with unobstructed views to the outdoors. We saw the possibilities that no one else even considered. Our clients were thrilled. No addition necessary to achieve the great room that included TV area, dining space, sitting space and office nook that they hoped for.

Glenview home remodel

Glenview home remodel

Glenview home remodel

The home remodel even included an office niche which integrates beautifully in the space.

Office niche family room

Smart, innovative home remodeling solutions has been the hallmark of Benvenuti and Stein since 1977.

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