Cabinetry Staging at Benvenuti and Stein March 21 & 22

An invitation for Design Professionals to see our latest kitchen cabinetry staged in our Evanston shop March 21 & 22.

If you have never taken part in a cabinet staging review, Benvenuti and Stein invites you come see how it will assuredly benefit you and your clients. Because our cabinetry is handcrafted from raw lumber at our Evanston shop location, the convenience of this unique offering on every millwork project is a true difference maker for meticulous designers.
Cabinet staging is the best means to have custom detailed millwork projects arrive at the site and be installed without any surprises or need for field modifications. You will see cabinetry fully assembled with the appliances and electronics dry-fitted to catch any conflicts prior to it being disassembled and moved into our in-house finishing department.
Contact to schedule a time.